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Balthali is a paradisiacal valley nestled amid forested hills, it’s floor coated with golf-course-green rice paddies whose swirling contours form a work of art. The village of the same name has no centre, being strung out along the road and elsewhere. The misty mornings here are a particular delight, their peace broken only by the crowing of roosters far and wide. This is a largely undiscovered destination. You’ll feel like you have gone back 50 years.

Cultural Tours

Since Nepal is one of the ultimate destinations for all sorts of holiday spenders, there are thousands of natural, historical, cultural and religious attractions which can provide the unique experience which is entirely beyond the pre-experiences of them.

Diversity of the landscape of Nepal varies from Gangetic plain to highest mountains in the world within 100 miles or so which have brought a unique diversification in a narrow east-west belt of a Himalayan Kingdom in Altitude, Climate, Flora and Fauna, People, Language, Religion, Culture, and Heritage.

This is why Nepal has have a multiple possibilities of tourism. For fulfilling your quest of such probabilities, we have offered the various titles of Cultural Tours. ‘Trust us once; we’ll be a part of your heart.’

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For the adventurous, nature and the culture lovers, hiking is the greatest way to see Nepal’s ever changing landscape and beauty. If you like to walk, this is one of the most inspiring places in the world to do it. Hiking adventure in Nepal offers numerous possibilities from the short and easy to the demanding challenges of the greenish hill. It has become a trekker’s paradise for its cultural and diversity.

$ 80 You have group discount in this trip.Group Discount

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