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Taste all the richness of Nepal’s multi-cultural heritage in Balthali Mountain Restaurant’s succulent Nepali cuisine. Traditional dishes, such as Dhal bhat, get a subtle contemporary and local twist. Sip a sublime fruity cocktail on our welcoming wraparound veranda, a taste as uplifting as the stunning mountain views.

Or let the gracious “Old Plantation” ambiance of our Dining Room enhance your repast as you dally over a plate of chapata and panapuri with a dash of Nepali’s Khukuri Rum, accompanied by a cup of Nepali coffee, grown on Himalayan mountains from far East.

The Restaurant

Weekend brunch at Balthali Mountain Resort has become a treat and ritual for local families, courting couples, visiting tourists and of course, our own dear Guests. You’ll discover that a champagne mimosa always sparkles harder when it’s made with oranges as fresh as ours.

The Bar

Welcome to real conviviality. This charming Bar is the social centre of Balthali Mountain Resort and the perfect setting to appreciate our famous Himalayan mixed drinks and Nepal’s own super-smooth rum. You’ll know you’re in good company as you peruse the bar’s wood-paneled walls adorned with photos of the people who have visited before. On fresh mountain nights, enjoy the warmth of our stone fireplace.

Food Catering

Balthali Mountain Resort is famous for great food. Naturally we offer that same expertise for groups, always serving up restaurant-quality experiences. Our chefs reflect the local culture and cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. We customize the menu for each client’s needs and budget. The atmosphere can range from casual “barefoot on the top-hill garden” to ultra-sophisticated city dining.

Off-site dining is one of our strong points, whether in a private home, in a castle or an art museum – with cuisine and service always managed by Balthali Mountain Resort to ensure the best quality.