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One of Balthali Mountain Resort’s great glories is its remote, quiet, pristine mountaintop location, in all its natural splendors. Another is its surprising accessibility to all that Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, has to offer in the way of art, history, food and culture. Explore our stunning surroundings, but do take the opportunity to cruise down the famous Namobuddha monastery to see some inspiring Buddhism culture or visit the world’s tallest Shiva Statue at Sanga . Eat Dal bhat (a local staple food) with the villagers or have a sip of Chaang (Nepalese and Tibetan alcoholic beverage) on the Tamang coffee shop on top of hill. Go on – explore!

Guided Sightseeing Tour

Balthali Mountain Resort offers an amazing range of nearby hiking opportunities. Swim under waterfalls or see the mists part before you as you walk through the clouds. t is a mysterious and moving experience to suddenly view the dramatic mountain vistas as the clouds drift by.

Guided Hikes

Our guide will lead you to hidden waterfalls, tiny villages that seem lost to time, and rugged climbs among wild fruit trees that only the fittest should try. Our more intrepid guests will enjoy this opportunity to refresh themselves with exercise at an elevation of more than 1700m.  Hikers find themselves walking with their heads in the clouds – literally.  In this rare eco-system, Himalaya daytime heat contrasts with a blessed cool at night. Above Balthali Mountains, the temperature becomes fresher, and as the trek takes you higher, you will be fascinated as you observe the changes in the flora and fauna.

Guided Cultural Tours

The museums and ancient Hindu temples offer a glimpse into the Nepal’s early history, culture and vibe of Nepal multi-cultures. The Indian, Chinese and European have all influenced our culture, tradition, customs and beliefs. A good place to begin the journey of understanding this vibrant and diverse country is with the temples, museums and gardens.